Break things. Feel good. 

it couldn't be simpler. 

Everybody wants to blow off steam in their own way. That's only natural. Some people go for a drive, others hit the gym...

At The Break Room we hit things. With bats. 

It's a little more liberating than the gym. 

So come to The Break Room, pick up a bat, put on a Break Suit and feel good. You know you want to. 

How The Break Room works

Step 1

Need a break.

Buy a ticket and make your way to our next event. 

Step 2

Break things.

Break something with a baseball bat.


Step 3

Feel good. 

Leave The Break Room feeling good and ready to do it all over again. 

You might remember us from 

Where is it?

Collingwood mastercraft

29 budd st, collingwood

You may have heard of us when we were in Brunswick. Well, we've moved since then and are now in Collingwood at the awesome Collingwood Mastercraft warehouse. Come down and have a session!


Ready for a break? Buy a ticket and feel good.

Know someone who needs a session?

Follow us @thebreakroom and come have a swing for yourself