What happens in the Break Room?

We give you safety gear, crockery and a baseball bat. What you do then is up to you. Hint: It’s called the BREAK room.

Why The Break Room?

The Break Room is for those who want to change their typical routine and either live out a destructive fantasy or find catharsis in doing something destructive. It’s not simply about violence, but rather harnessing those destructive tendencies in a controlled and fun way. Stress is a very real health issue for most of us, and while I am definitely not a psychologist, I can attest to the healing powers a good session in the Room can provide. Your time with us is well spent. You’ll come out of the room sweaty and ready to tackle the next challenge life throws at you.

Where did the idea come from?

Ed, the Founder, had always had the fantasy of taking his phone and throwing it against the wall. Trawling through the internet to find somewhere where he could do that guilt free was unfruitful and the thought of taking a pottery class and "accidentally" dropping my creation or smashing bottles under a bridge with disaffected teenagers wasn't enough. There’s also that famous scene in the movie Office Space. Anyone who has seen that movie to has fantasised about re-enacting that printer smashing scene. Everything kicked into gear and after months of hard work, testing and baseball bat painting have lead to The Break Room coming into fruition.

What are your future plans for Break Room?

Currently we’re serving various forms of glassware and ceramics to smash, but are constantly looking at and testing new items to break into pieces. Everyone who enters the Break Room comes out with new ideas on what their ‘Ultimate Smashable’ would be. Some of my favourite suggestions have been, a champagne tower, an icecream cake, guitars and garden gnomes.  Everyone has a different idea, it’s a real lesson in the human psyche, and we are loving workshopping new ideas. How feasible would it be to source? How would it smash? What would it sound like? What’s the danger element? It’s the best job in the world.