Reward the team

At The Break Room we get that people get stressed in their 9-5. Hell, The Break Room was started because we were stressed out from our corporate gigs! There's only so many Gold Class tickets or gift cards you can get before you're over it. What you need is something different to give your team and have them come back feeling a bit lighter on their feet. 

The Break Room has a couple things for you to choose from, you can either enjoy a big group bonding session or grab a stack of vouchers and hand those out to your most stressed peeps. Nothing beats wrapping up a big project like whaling on a photocopier.

I don't get it... 

You've all been working your collective butts off so why not take some time out to vent frustration? Clients can be a agonising, shipments arrive late, bosses can be insensitive, we've all been there. The Break Room gives you and your team the opportunity to come together and destress like champions by smashing a bunch on crockery in a room. You'll all come out feeling better and ready to tackle your inbox again. 

Yeah cool, what do we get?

At The Break Room we take care of everything. For group bookings, you have direct contact with us to make sure any changes are handled quickly. We know it's like herding cats trying to get everyone together so don't worry. We'll make sure your time runs smoothly so you can kick on to your next venue. You'll even get a trophy. 

What do we get to smash?

We've looked far and wide for the best breakables in Melbourne. Right now we've got a wide range of crockery for you to smash. Each session will get a crate full of crockery to smash which has around 25 items for you to smash. Everything from coffee mugs to dinner plates and water bottles. 

In addition to the crates, we'll find something special for you all to smash. We've found keyboards, photocopiers and drum kits. If there's something specific you want let the team know and we'll sort something out for you.

Can we bring stuff with us?

Yes! If there's old merchandise, broken IT gear or anything your heart desires to smash please bring it with you as we'll handle disposal. 

Can you do flexible numbers?

Yes! We know it's hard to herd coworkers so we can handle flexible numbers. We ask for a 50% deposit up front and the rest can be paid on the day by cash, card or an invoice sent to Jenny in Accounting. 

We might need to reschedule...

That's fine, it happens. Just give us a call or shoot us an email and we'll shuffle things around for you. 

what do we have to wear on the day?

Please wear closed shoes for your session, think runners or leather shoes. We'll give you thick gloves, a pair of coveralls (ankles to wrists) and your choice of headgear from our range of helmets.

Just some rules before you book...

We can see you're eager to book but first we need to lay down some ground rules. We don't ask for much at The Break Room but we understand how dangerous this can be (as do our insurers, lawyers and mothers), and we've taken every precaution to minimise risk. Our rules make everyone's life easier and guarantee you having a good time. We're tough but fair. 

  1. No intoxicated people. This is our insurance talking. We reserve the right to refuse people who are under the influence. If we deny you entry due to intoxication you will not receive a refund.

  2. One person per room. As fun as The Break Room is we only allow one person per room at a time. We do run group bookings but that is always with one person in the room at a time.

  3. Follow our instructions. If someone from The Break Room tells you to go, stop, or woah sailor that activity is too dangerous, please listen as their top priority is your safety and enjoyment.

Not so bad, huh? Want us to elaborate more? Check out our Terms of Service page. 

Ok, let's do this!

Great call, you're going to have a blast. For corporate events we're open Monday to Friday by appointment only. All bookings are managed through our booking system so our staff know when to be there to meet you and your team.