What is The Break Room?

The Break Room started as a flash of inspiration in a moment of rage and has now become a place where you can safely break, crush and shatter objects to your heart's content. Our goal is for you to come out a calmer and happier person than when you went in. 

Where is The Break Room?

The Break Room is at 29 Budd St, Collingwood. We move around so check back regularly to see where we'll be next.

What do you do in The Break Room?

Inside The Break Room there's only you, your breakables and a baseball bat in your hand. How you spend you time and how you go about letting out your feelings is entirely up to you. Your goal is to use this time to feel better, release any aggression, and have a great time. We'll do everything we can to make that happen for you along the way.  

Is this safe?

We pride ourselves on making The Break Room extremely safe. All we ask is that you wear closed shoes and jeans for your session, we'll take care of the rest of you. We'll be giving you thick gloves, either a thick coat or a pair of coveralls to wear, and full face protection. You'll be covered head to toe. We also have a First Aid kit on hand. 

What kind of stuff can I break?

When you visit The Break Room you're given a crate full of crockery to smash. It has items such as dinner plates, mason jars and carafes in it. The mix changes depending on what we can get our hands on on the day. If you have any suggestions hit us up at info@thebreakroom.com.au

How much does a session in The Break Room cost?

We are selling tickets over at the Booking page

Can I play music while I'm in there?

Yes! We have bluetooth speakers on hand for you to crank out your favorite tunes. 

Can I bring a friend into The Room with me?

No, only one person is allowed in a Break Room at a time. We do have Group Bookings so you can come with friends but there will always be only one person per room. 

Can I bring my own breakables?

Yes! If there's something you've always wanted to break or has been an object of frustration, feel free to bring it with you. We'll handle the disposal side of things as well.

Can anyone do this?

If you're over 18 you're more than welcome to come to The Break Room. The Break Room does reserve all rights to refuse entry to individuals who we deem unfit for the activities though so please bear that in mind before coming.

What's with the pink?

The pink we're using is Baker-Miller Pink. Baker-Miller pink has been used in correctional facilities across America to calm violent inmates and has shown significant drops in hostile behaviour by inmates exposed to the colour. We want to bring the same calm to you when you visit us and what better way to do that than have it on our site.