Gift VOuchers

Know someone who needs a session at The Break Room? Pick up a Single or Double Pass and become the best gift giver ever.

Yeah cool, but what do I get?

At The Break Room we've assembled the best range of breakables for you to take out your aggression on. We give you a crate of hand-selected breakables for you to destroy in your session. We'll change these often to give you the best experience of smashing something different on each visit. 

What do you get to smash?

We've looked far and wide for the best breakables in Melbourne. Right now we've got a wide range of crockery for you to smash. Each person gets a crate full of corckery. Depending on supply this can be everything from dinner plates to coffee cups and water bottles. Each crate has the same 20 breakables in each so there's plenty to smash. 

what do I get to wear?

Please wear closed shoes for your session. We'll give you thick gloves, a pair of overalls and your choice of headgear from our range of helmets.

Just some rules before you book...

We can see you're eager to book but first we need to lay down some ground rules. We don't ask for much at The Break Room but we understand how dangerous this can be (as do our insurers, lawyers and mothers), and we've taken every precaution to minimise risk. Our rules make everyone's life easier and guarantee you having a good time. We're tough but fair. 

  1. One person per room. As fun as The Break Room is we only allow one person per room at a time. We do run group bookings but that is always with one person in the room at a time. 
  2. Follow our instructions. If someone from The Break Room tells you to go, stop, or woah sailor that activity is too dangerous, please listen as their top priority is your safety and enjoyment. 
  3. No intoxicated people. This is our insurance talking. We reserve the right to refuse people who are under the influence. If we deny you entry due to intoxication you will not receive a refund.  
  4. No children. The Break Room is for adults and children aren't allowed into the any of the rooms, even if either (or both) parents have a ticket. As lovely and well behaved as your kids are it is a requirement of our insurance that there are no children present. No exceptions. 

Not so bad, huh?

Alright, let's do this!

Great call, hope you're prepared to be "that person" at the party who brings the best present thus putting everyone to shame. Gift vouchers work by giving you a unique code you can use when the person want's to book their session. All they have to do is punch in the code on checkout and it's all paid for. Easy!