Break things. Feel good. 

Come in for a swing, you know you need this.

Everybody wants to blow off steam in their own way. That's only natural. Some people go for a drive, others go for a run.

At The Break Room we hit things. With bats. 

It's a little more liberating than the gym. 

So come to The Break Room, pick up a bat, put on a Break Suit and feel good. You know you want to. 

Where is it?

29 budd st, collingwood

Come down and have a session! We're just off Smith St and Brunswick St is just a skip away. The world's your oyster!



How The Break Room works

Step 1

Need a break.

Buy a ticket.

Step 2

Break things.

Break something with a baseball bat.


Step 3

Feel good. 

Leave The Break Room feeling good and ready to do it all over again. 

Ready for a break? Buy a ticket and feel good.

Know someone who needs a session?